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The emergence of Online Trading is exciting and our clients are seeking talented individuals to take this opportunity! Browse the latest opportunities we’re recruiting for!

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For online Ecommerce businesses, the goal is to drive growth whilst continuously improving their online platform. Being able to uncover customer insights could mean the difference between slow and steady growth or rapidly increasing sales.

The ideal person candidate for an Online Trading position will have strong analytical skills, creativity and be flexible on a daily basis. An Online Trading professional is expected to report on sales performance daily, weekly and quarterly against relevant Ecommerce metrics and KPIs, including revenue and profit margin.

Vacancies waiting to be filled currently include opportunities such as: Online Trading Managers and Online Trading Executives. We work with a variety of clients in digital and tech, as well as start-ups and large organizations.

Online Trading Testimonials

“I am now in my current role at DMG Media thanks to Blu Digital. Not only were they highly professional but was incredibly supportive and informative about all stages of the interview process. They really listened to the type of role I was after and never came across as too pushy like some recruiters do. They kept me in the loop about next stage interviews/ gave advice etc and even took the time to follow up after I had secured the role to make sure everything was going well/ as expected. I would have no hesitation in recommending friends in the same space to use  Blu Digital.”

Ecommerce Trading Merchandiser, dmg media

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