Our specialism in Digital Recruitment helps us to go further for our clients and candidates. We work with agencies and specialized clients, securing the very best PPC talent for every unique role.

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Pay Per Click is ideal when reaching a mass amount of users across the different channels of pay per click advertising. It is expert PPC staff that make the difference between a scattered, expensive approach or an optimized, bespoke campaign.

Return on investment is a key part of all advertising. Whether tailored to achieve brand awareness or conversions and focusing on metrics like cost per acquisition or overall impressions, PPC professionals endeavor to ensure an ROI. They navigate ad copy, search terms and display networks to safely deliver their brand to their target audience.

There are a range of opportunities currently in PPC, as we seek: Heads of PPC, Heads of Paid Search, Heads of Performance, Performance Marketing Managers, PPC Managers, Paid Search Managers, PPC Account Managers and PPC Executives. Our clients include: digital and tech businesses, start-ups, luxury brands, fashion brands and beauty brands.

Numerical accuracy and an investigative nature are valuable for the people in PPC positions. While managers require an additional level of organization and communication abilities, these should be present throughout this field, from executives up. At Blu Digital, we’ve helped PPC professionals reach their potential since our very first days.

PPC Testimonials

“Sarah has been fantastic throughout the recruitment process with great communication!” 

PPC Manager at Glenndimplex

“Blu Digital paired me up with an organisation and position that matched my digital skills, knowledge and experiences. They knew I would be a great fit and they also went the extra mile, by keeping in contact during my first few months.” 

Digital Marketing Officer, Social Care Institute For Excellence

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