Digital / Ecommerce consultancy to omnichannel retailers, consumer brands and their investors

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Who is this ideal for?

If your requirement is a short term, single project resource, a long-term, large project/program team, or a full on site managed service solution, we will provide a talent-led solution that optimizes your budget. We leverage our global network of digital consultants to deliver. Now more than ever, CMOs have to deliver hyper-relevant, adaptive customer experiences for their brands in order to deliver on business growth objectives.

How we do it

Our digital strategy arm to the business, consists of consultants who have worked across various industries and can implement digital transformation, lead our remote teams to develop websites and help with Ecommerce setup and review.

Key Services

  • Blu Digital Strategy can act as an Ecommerce or digital team for well known retailers and consumer brands
  • We act as a digital advisory helping private equity firms and portfolio companies to add value to the investment lifecycle
  • Our teams of strategy consultants and Partners help with digital transformation
  • We combine data, analytics and technology to future scope your business
  • We help to attract more customers to your website to spend money

Additional Services

Your business will gain expert knowledge and experience instantly, without a long term commitment on internal resource. 

  • Amazon

    We develop your go to Amazon strategy and offering ongoing amazon support
  • Analytics

    Transform your business and turn data into your company's competitive asset to make better decisions
  • Automation

    We help you implement the right ways of working and automation for your business
  • Customer Experience

    Our team help you develop your online and offline offering through customer experience analysis
  • Design and Build

    We bring together technology, product and design to create and design digital technologies and apps
  • Digital Marketing

    We help you focus on leadership by spending the time to strengthen areas of your operation through a wide spectrum of digital strategies
  • Direct to Consumer

    Helping your direct-to-consumer strategy and building the right team
  • Ecommerce

    We can help build your Ecommerce from scratch or strengthen it with our analysis and working on Ecommerce projects
  • Enterprise Technology

    We look at systems technology and operating models to modernize your technology and make it a component of your digital success
  • Internationalization

    Our Partners help you map out a plan to trade in various countries and territories
  • Marketplace

    We help develop your marketplace strategy and execution if you are looking to move towards the likes of Amazon or Tmall
  • Roadmap to Growth

    We develop go to strategies to improve your site and customer proposition to optimize your ROI

Digital Maturity Assessments and
Digital Advisory Boards for your business

The customer problem

CEO’s / PE’s / Chairman to Boards The world has rapidly moved to digital – customers now interact and transact online, as well as work and communicate digitally. In the last few months some clients may have reacted to the pandemic – downsized the business, implemented remote working and stabilized the ship. Now clients need to look forward and operate in this new world. You may ask the question ‘Where do I start as my experience and knowledge is more traditional.’ The company has to change quickly to survive.

The solution

To get you started we can conduct a digital maturity assessment – Understand ‘where you are today’ before developing a change program on ‘where you want to go’ and ‘how you will get there’. The digital maturity assessment will use a balanced scorecard reviewing core areas such as strategy, customer experience, capabilities, talent and culture using defined business metrics. The outcome will help you define hot spots and where the business needs to focus first

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Digital Advisory Board

Use proven expert(s) to work alongside your leadership team to define transformation plans quicker which are proven to work. An opportunity for key stakeholders within the business that are less convinced to air and share their concerns. The goal is to develop and implement plans faster by using proven experts in this field whilst not paying huge consultancy costs.

We combine what we do at Blu Digital with what we do at Digital Leaders Club which provides businesses with a very unique offering on quality and cost which can’t be found with a lot of other digital consultancy practices.

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